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What is Northstar?

Northstar is a career service designed for developers who want to work and live in the Nordics. We use our knowledge and networks to support you in finding the job that matches your career dreams. Our team consists of 30 professional talent agents who all have passion and background in digital development and are eager to help you take the next step.

To whom is Northstar targeted for?

Northstar is best suited for mid and senior level Developers, Engineers and other R&D related roles. We are happy to receive candidates from all over the world.

How can I apply to Northstar?

You can easily apply here. It will take just one minute, and you won’t need any attachments at this point.

Do I need to have work permit before I apply?

EU citizen doesn’t need a work permit. If you come from outside EU we are happy to help you with your work permit when matching position is found. Read more here.

Is remote work possible?

Northstar is meant to people who wish to move to Nordic countries.

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So tell us about your skills, accomplishments, interests and dreams. Tell us how you want to work, with whom, where, on what. We will then start mapping out corresponding opportunities within the Nordic job market. If we are able to find a solution that hits your personal mark, we will hunt down the job for you. In case you decide to take on a project in another country, we will make the transition smooth and easy. 

Your Own Personal Career Guidance

Being surrounded by like-minded people and a good atmosphere is extremely important when looking for a job. We are here to help you with every step on the journey towards your dream job. Our mission is to find the best opportunities based on your needs and coach you towards your personal career dreams. From us, you always get a realistic estimate of your suitability.

The whole process with visa and paper work went a lot faster than I would have imagine. I like working in Finland because here the work environment is different, and it is nice to try different cultures

– João, Junior Full Stack Developer, Brazil

The more I work and live in Finland, the more I can feel that Finland balances work and life quite well. It is also an ideal country for unleashing your potential creativity, expressing your ideas, and getting the credit for what you are striving for.

– Ziyi Developer, China

Why Nordics?


The Nordics are considered some of the most attractive countries to live and work in – they are the top 4 of the happiest nations in the world and three of them rank in top 10 most innovative countriesThe region’s tech scene is booming, with thousands of companies and startups investing in new technologies.


Stockholm’s tech scene is considered one of the leading ones and it is growing rapidly. In 2017 Stockholm had the highest share of unicorns per capita, after Silicon Valley. In addition to that, 5 of the top 10 fastest growing companies in Europe came from Stockholm in 2017.

The booming tech community and advanced manufacturing sector earned the title second best performing city in Europe for the city of Stockholm.


Finland was ranked as the 10th most innovative country in the world by the Global Competitiveness Index in years 2017-2018. Finland also has the most number of heavy metal bands per capita in the world.🤘

New businesses are continuously emerging in the gaming, electronics, software, cleantech and health industries. The Finnish innovation environment is one of the best in the world according to international benchmarks. Finland has free universities and public healthcare and it is also among the top 5 safest countries in the world.


According to Nordic Business Insider, Copenhagen could soon be the next startup city in Nordics. All the elements of a booming startup city are in Copenhagen: talented and ambitious founders, creative business models, talent, capital and entreprenial mindset.

Especially the greater Copenhagen area is a home to several innovation and test labs and experimental spaces where the goal is to enhance cooperation between startups, business and other partners.

People Behind Northstar

The Northstar team consists of 30 professionals who all have strong background and wide networks within IT. We have offices in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Here is the contact information for your local Talent Agent.

Töölönlahdenkatu 3 B
00100 Helsinki

Bryggargatan 10
111 21 Stockholm

Center Boulevard 5
2300 København S

Arja Martikainen

Team Finland

Jony Chowdhury

Team Sweden

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