The North Star is a constant in our sky and guides us through the unknown. Our dream is to be the North Star to the pioneers of the digital age – designers, architects, developers -- who, in turn, guide businesses through uncharted territory and help them recreate themselves.

What is Northstar?

Northstar is a career service designed for you. We are not trying to recruit you. We do not hunt people down to offer them jobs. We will not sell you anything. Why? Because we believe, that we should transform recruitment so that it is comfortable and convenient for people, not only for businesses.

Instead, we use our knowledge and networks to support you in finding the job that matches your career dreams. Our team consists of 30 professional talent agents who all have passion and background in digital development and are eager to help you take the next step.

So tell us about your skills, accomplishments, interests and dreams. Tell us how you want to work, with whom, where, on what. We will then start mapping out corresponding opportunities within the Nordic job market. If we are able to find a solution that hits your personal mark, we will hunt down the job for you. In case you decide to take on a project in another country, we will make the transition smooth and easy. This will cost you nothing.

For companies?

All the companies that are represented by Northstar are examples of the unique opportunities the Nordic tech market has. Each company has heavily invested in development work and are using new technologies to support existing business models or to build new ones. Each company has also been selected by the Northstar team. But these are just examples of what the Nordic work life has to offer and there are plenty more to choose from.

People behind Northstar

The Northstar team consists of 30 professionals who all have strong background and wide networks within IT. We have offices in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Here is the contact information for your local Talent Agent.

Joel Kinnunen

Team Finland

Jony Chowdhury

Team Sweden

Michael Chang

Team Denmark

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