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Barona Group’s privacy policy

Description of file in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999)


Barona Group Oy Business ID: 2112771-3 Töölönlahdenkatu 3 B 00100 HELSINKI, Finland Tel. +358 20 198 3460

Contact person

Marita Paajaste Tel. +358 20 198 3460

Name of register

Register containing information related to jobseekers and contact persons of employers

Purpose of register

The purpose of processing personal data is to bring together the customers (jobseekers and employers) of the Barona Group and any companies belonging to the group at a given time and to provide related services, and to maintain customer relationships and carry out marketing.

Information contained in the register

Relevant information related to the following groups, among others, may be processed as part of maintaining the register:

  • Jobseeker’s basic information, such as name, contact information (address, e-mail, telephone, fax), gender and date of birth
  • Specific information related to the jobseeker that is necessary for competence assessment, including education, profession, special expertise, driving licence information and car availability for work purposes, as well as personal credit data, security clearance and report on criminal background and the related identifying data when permitted and required by law.
  • Information related to the jobseeker’s psychological and aptitude tests as well as drug tests
  • Information related to the jobseeker’s current work or previous jobs, including employers, dates and durations of employment, tasks and recommendations from employers
  • Information related to the jobseeker’s application process, including the jobseeker’s wishes related to type of job, salary and location, as well as information on any factors affecting the beginning and termination of employment
  • Employer’s (controller’s customer) basic information, such as name and contact information (address, e-mail, telephone, fax) as well as the contact person’s name and contact information
  • Specific information related to the employer customer, such as size and line of business
  • Information related to the relationship with the controller and the customers included in the register, such as order information, information about meetings, any direct marketing permissions or prohibitions and any other communication between the parties as well as any recordings of telephone calls and meetings
  • Information related to the service, such as names of employers to which a jobseeker’s information has been sent

Regular sources of data

Regular sources of data include the jobseeker and the employer’s contact person in conjunction with submitting an application and establishing the customer relationship, for example. With the jobseeker’s consent, information related to the jobseeker’s current work or previous jobs is collected based on feedback provided by the jobseeker’s employers. With the jobseeker’s consent, information may also be collected from experts specialising in assessments, such as those working for the controller or its employer customers. Information related to changes in such personal data as name and address information is also provided by companies and authorities offering related services.

Disclosure of information

With the jobseeker’s consent, information entered into the register about the jobseeker is provided to the controller’s employer customers in order to match jobseekers with employers.

In addition, as permitted and required by law, information entered in the register is provided to authorities that are entitled by law to receive such information, including tax authorities, pension insurance companies and accident insurance companies, and to service companies providing the controller with payment services, data processing and other similar services.

The Barona Group will not provide information entered in the register to any other parties without specific consent from the data subject.

Due to the technical implementation of data processing, some of the information may be located on the Barona Group’s external subcontractors’ servers within the European Union and the European Economic Area. Such information is processed via a technical interface in accordance with personal data legislation. Under no circumstances is information transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Register protection

The information is collected in databases protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical measures. The databases are located in locked and guarded facilities. Only predetermined persons with individually specified rights have access to the information.

Right to check and correct information

Section 26 of the Personal Data Act entitles data subjects to check what information has been entered about them in a personal data file. Requests to perform such checks must be submitted in writing and with a signature to the following address:

Barona Group Oy Personal data register / Marita Paajaste Töölönlahdenkatu 3 B 00100 HELSINKI, Finland

Requests can also be submitted personally to the same address.

Data subjects have the right to demand the controller to correct, remove or complement any personal data that is inaccurate, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated in terms of the data processing purpose. If the request is denied, the data subject must be notified of this in writing.